Jaemin Yoo

Postdoctoral Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Prof. Leman Akoglu. I received my Ph.D. and B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University, where I was advised by Prof. U Kang. I am a recipient of the Google PhD Fellowship and the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship. My research interests include graph mining, graph neural networks, time series forecasting, and interpretable tree models.

Email: jaeminyoo at cmu.edu
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About Me

Position and Education

Research Interests

  • Missing feature estimation in graphs (KDD'22)
  • Graph structure augmentation (WWW'22)
  • Interpretable tree models (ICDM'19, PAKDD'21, SDM'22)
  • Node classification in graphs (ICDM'17, IJCAI'19, ICDM'21)
  • Multivariate time series forecasting (SDM'21, KDD'21)
  • Subgraph sampling (WSDM'20)
  • Zero-shot knowledge distillation (NeurIPS'19)

Awards and Honors



  • Understanding the Effect of Data Augmentation in Self-supervised Anomaly Detection
    Jaemin Yoo, Tiancheng Zhao, and Leman Akoglu
    arXiv Preprint (2022) [ paper | bib ]



  • Reciprocity in Directed Hypergraphs: Measures, Findings, and Generators
    Sunwoo Kim, Minyoung Choe, Jaemin Yoo, and Kijung Shin
    ICDM 2022 (to appear)
  • Accurate Graph-Based PU Learning without Class Prior
    Jaemin Yoo*, Junghun Kim*, Hoyoung Yoon*, Geonsoo Kim, Changwon Jang, and U Kang (*equal contribution)
    ICDM 2021 [ paper | slides | bib | blog (Korean) ]
    One of the best-ranked papers of ICDM 2021 for fast-track journal invitation
  • Accurate Multivariate Stock Movement Prediction via Data-Axis Transformer with Multi-Level Contexts
    Jaemin Yoo, Yejun Soun, Yong-chan Park, and U Kang
    KDD 2021 [ paper | slides | datasets | bib ]
  • Sampling Subgraphs with Guaranteed Treewidth for Accurate and Efficient Graphical Inference
    Jaemin Yoo, U Kang, Mauro Scanagatta, Giorgio Corani, and Marco Zaffalon
    WSDM 2020 [ paper | poster | code and datasets | bib | blog (Korean) ]
    Samsung HumanTech Paper Award, Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Korea


  • Graph-based PU Learning for Binary and Multiclass Classiļ¬cation without Class Prior
    Jaemin Yoo*, Junghun Kim*, Hoyoung Yoon*, Geonsoo Kim, Changwon Jang, and U Kang (*equal contribution)
    Knowledge and Information Systems (2022) [ paper | bib ]


Invited Talks

Professional Services

  • Session Chair @ KDD (2022)
  • PC Member @ AAAI (2021 - 2023)
  • PC Member @ BigComp (2021 - 2023)
  • PC Member @ KDD (2021 - 2022)
  • PC Member @ SDM (2022)
  • Journal Reviewer @ Pattern Recognition (2021 - 2022)

Jaemin Yoo @ CMU